Blockchain Legal 2020 arrives from this July 2nd to Spain

From July 2nd, the 2020 Legal Blockchain will take place in Spain. The event plans to bring together virtually professionals from the Blockchain community and the legal sector to address issues of how this technology can be carried out in the midst of a legal framework.

It is a meeting of engineers, mathematicians and legal professionals in order to reflect and publicly discuss the legal problems and legal challenges that arise as a result of the application of blockchain technology in business.

The Asociación Blockchain Zaragoza and Impact Hub in Zaragoza join forces to organize, for the second consecutive year, the Legal Blockchain. This event aims to analyze the uses that blockchain technology has in the legal profession and to provide solutions to the different legal challenges generated by the application of this technology in different economic sectors. And all this in a framework of open, rigorous and practical debate.

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Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Let’s remember that the Blockchain technology has more uses than crypto and Bitcoin. The economic and financial sector was the first in which the Blockchain technology reflected its many advantages.

In this context, it is the security, speed and decentralization offered by this technology that far surpasses any form of money transfer today, so the revolution that this digital currency has achieved in the economy and banking is not just a fad, it is basically the future of money today. But, blockchain technology is already being exploited in other areas of the industry beyond finance, and although it is a relatively incipient and developing technology, it is generating numerous challenges for the legal sector.

For this reason, the objective of the initiative is to deepen, generate debate and propose solutions to the aforementioned challenges, and with this, to broaden the state of science in this area, and to place Zaragoza as the headquarters of one of the main pioneers of blockchain technology in the legal sector within the country.

Bitcoin name and logo registered at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

The six free webinars in this event will take Bitqt place from July to December of this year through the Youtube channel of the Blockchain Zaragoza Association to address issues such as the basic rudiments for understanding the functioning of the blockchain, digital identity management from the European and Spanish perspective, privacy, translation of the contractual language, computer code, security in the block chain and the relationship between blockchain and legal evidence.



In this sense, the first webinar will take place on July 2nd at 17.00 with the Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City of Zaragoza, Carmen Herrate Cajal; the Vice-Dean of the Royal and Illustrious Bar Association of Zaragoza; Alfredo Sánchez Rubio Treviño; the Lead Founder of Impact Hub Zaragoza, Félix A. Tena, and Javier Pérez Villa, from the Organizing Committee of Blockchain Zaragoza.

The same day, after the opening, the event will start, with an introduction to the basic rudiments of blockchain with Juan Ignacio Pérez Sacristán, Theoretical Physicist, Developer of DApps and Backends on Blockchain.

The second session will take place on 30 July at 5pm on digital identity management through blockchain technology, with Miguel Ángel Bernal, Professor of Administrative Law at Unizar, and Ignacio Alamillo, Electronic signature, identity and security specialist.

On September 17, at 5:00 pm, Ricardo Oliva, lawyer and managing partner of Algoritmo Legal, and Roberto Ferrer, data protection delegate and Director of Aralegis, will speak about DGPR, privacy and blockchain.